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“When in doubt, don’t do it. If you’re not extremely happy about a candidate, you should not hire him under any circumstance.” Says Pieter Zwart of Coolblue. Properly assessing potential employees before you hire them can save you huge amounts of money, time and frustrations. We all know the extensive, full-day assessments and online tools the market has to offer us. Our (executive) coaches have extensively worked with these in the past. So, we can say without a doubt that the Project Insides Scan is the ultimate disruptor in the field of selection assessments. Completing the scan takes only 15 minutes and is more reliable than any other personality test or full-day assessment in existence. It is the only assessment that measures psyche, personality and behaviour. The result cannot be influenced by the participant. In addition to an assessment report, you’ll also receive an oral explanation from one of our coaches, detailing how suitable the candidate is for the vacancy, and which points require extra attention in the event that the candidate is hired.

The online assessment can also be used for development processes involving the board of directors, management and professionals. It is also a great help in the compiling of (excellent) teams.

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