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We see that technological developments are dramatically changing the way we work and live. Artificial Intelligence will become more intelligent than we are and comes with a serious threat which we will have to deal with. At the same time technology helps humanity access a different kind of lifestyle. A life in which ‘having to’ changes into ’getting to’, ‘working’ changes into ‘playing’, and technology will co-create more and more with the human soul. All of this is happening right now. Therefore, the way successful organizations function and are managed is changing dramatically. Authentic leadership will be the only way in a hyperconnected world. A world in which the word self-knowledge will gain a different and much deeper meaning. Both for employees and leaders.

Are you ready for the meet up between technology, business and the human soul?


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In our individual coaching and group courses we enable you to get to the essence of what you are and can be as an entrepreneur and human being. We only work with best in class coaches. Furthermore the Project Insides team formation and assesments tools support you in involving the people that match and complement you, each other and the purpose of the organization. Ready for a bigger succes in work and life?

Personal feedback

In a single feedback session with a top executive coach, we tell you how you can let your organization grow faster with your personality

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Growth Accelerator

In a group of at most 8 entrepreneurs, we will dive into the deep together during six sessions, guided by two top executive coaches.

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Team formation
Team formation

Increase your team’s efficiency and achieve amazing results.

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Completing the Project Insides takes only 15 minutes and is more reliable than any other personality test or full-day assessment in existence.

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In a single feedback session with a top executive coach, we tell you how you can let your organization grow faster with your personality

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Board of Directors

Joel aan ‘t Goor
Chief Inspiration Officer

Laurens Vehmeijer
Chief Business Consulting

Nanda Bramer
Chief Personal Development

Reinout aan ‘t Goor
Chief Insides Platform

About us

We are Project Insides. A platform dealing with the creation of a mind-blowing and meaningful life. We are the creators of our own happiness, our relations and creations. We embrace ‘The Unknown’. That makes growth the essence of our lives. And that lifestyle is exhilarating. The reality which we live in is much more magical than we had dared to dream. We are much more than just a product of evolution. Just look deeply inside yourself…

Founder Project Insides

Business administrator and psychologist Joel aan ’t Goor is the founder of Project Insides. He is also the CEO of Business Leaders, the largest cross-sector network of CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Belgium, which he founded when he was 29. His strength lies in a combination of a deep understanding of people, entrepreneurship and business. He challenges you to assume responsibility and to get behind the wheel of your own happiness, creations, relationships and the society your living in yourself. According to him this is the very key to a mind blowing life, commercial success and a better world.

In addition to the ‘business’ branch, Project Insides also has a ‘personal growth’ branch and a ‘music & movies’ branch.