Growth Accelerator

Growth Accelerator

In a group of at most 8 entrepreneurs, we will dive into the deep together during six sessions, guided by two top executive coaches. Prepare yourself, because you’re going to get to know the way you really are, as a leader and as a person…. We will deal with your psyche, personality and the way you can increase the growth of your organization with your personality. By working less hard and by doing less things that don’t make you happy. The sessions consist of a combination of lectures, peer reviews and coaching. A personal intake, a report based on the Project Insides Scan and a personal final evaluation are included. The series starts at different times, the course takes six months.

Topics which are discussed:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur? And how can you harness these in a better way?
  • What are your deep, unconscious motivations which determine nearly everything in your life and the way you manage your business?
  • How do you develop an engaging purpose for employees and customers and how do you convey it? A purpose which you also feel deep inside? Without radically changing course, but step by step, in a way that feels natural.
  • How do you turn your organization into a future-proof organization?

Costs: 2900 euros

Next courses in Amsterdam and London start in November 2017. If you want, an individual course is also possible.

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