Joel aan ’t Goor can be booked as a speaker in the themes entrepreneurship, meaningfulness and purpose. His personal story and his keen sense of megatrends in the world allow him to address both leading figures of organizations and young professionals.

His keynote speech: ‘The era of Purpose’:

Humanity is caught in an amazing technological acceleration. A tsunami of exponentially developing technology is headed for us, and very few people fully realise to which extent this is going to change the world in the next few years. For instance, we are moving towards a world of abundance, but also a world of mass unemployment. This means that meaningfulness and self-development will become more important than ever for people, leaders and organizations. Joel aan ’t Goor portrays the megatrends in the field of technology and meaningfulness, a journey which leads to questions such as: Who are you? What is your deepest desire for the years you get to walk around on this earth? Expect clear insights. Into the world and yourself.

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About Joel aan ’t Goor

Business administrator and psychologist Joel aan ’t Goor is the founder of Project Insides. He is also the CEO of Business Leaders, the largest cross-sector network of CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Belgium, which he founded when he was 29. His strength lies in a combination of a deep understanding of people, entrepreneurship and business. He challenges you to assume responsibility and to get behind the wheel of your own happiness, creations, relationships and the society you’re living in yourself. According to him this is the very key to a mind blowing life, commercial success and a better world.