Personal growth as a lifestyle

In the near future, technological developments will dramatically change the way we work and live. In a way in which you can hardly imagine. Artificial Intelligence will become more intelligent than we are and will therefore force us, Mankind, to ask ourselves crucial questions which will become more relevant than ever:

Who are we? And who are you? Who are you truly?

What can you do in a world where technology, creation and the human soul come together? On what do you want to spend your energy in the time you get to spend on this earth?

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Articles & Videos

Unplugged – episode 1

Joel aan ’t Goor, founder Project Insides, in conversation with serial entrepreneur and thought leader Peter Hinssen. They talk about Peter’s personal motives, the impact of technology on organizations, Artificial Intelligence, the day after tomorrow and the future of humanity.

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Project Insides is a platform about personal growth as a lifestyle. Join us in the search for your answers. Live in liberty and joy and discover that the reality in which you live is so much more beautiful and magical than you had dared to dream. Take it from us: everyone who truly takes responsibility for themselves can turn life into a true piece of art.

The way to start is by completing the Project Insides Scan. This is worldwide the most remarkable, inimitable and accurate assessment of who you are in no more than 15 minutes. You will receive feedback on who you are directly in your mailbox, for free.

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Transformation Accelerators

In our individual coaching and group courses you get to the essence of what you are and can be. Personally and professionally. We only work with best in class coaches. Ready for the real you? Have your pick…

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Shot of growth – Free!

Most remarkable, inimitable and accurate assessment of who you are

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Personal feedback

In-depth personal feedback on your scan results by professional coach

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Personal coaching

5 individual in depth sessions to an improved you, life or career

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Deep dive yourself

In a group, 5 sessions with a top coach, get to know the real you…

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About Us

We are Project Insides. A platform dealing with the creation of a mind-blowing and meaningful life. We are the creators of our own happiness, our relations and creations. We embrace ‘The Unknown’. That makes growth the essence of our lives. And that lifestyle is exhilarating. The reality which we live in is much more magical than we had dared to dream. We are much more than just a product of evolution. Just look deeply inside yourself…

In addition to the ‘personal growth’ branch, Project Insides also has a ‘business‘ branch and a ‘music & movies’ branch.

About Joel aan ’t Goor

Business administrator and psychologist Joel aan ’t Goor is the founder of Project Insides. He is also the CEO of Business Leaders, the largest cross-sector network of CEOs of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Netherlands and Belgium, which he founded when he was 29. His strength lies in a combination of a deep understanding of people, entrepreneurship and business. He challenges you to assume responsibility and to get behind the wheel of your own happiness, creations, relationships and the society your living in yourself. According to him this is the very key to a mind blowing life, commercial success and a better world.

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